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Do You Have A Son Who Would Cherish This Forever?
Then this is the perfect gift from you to him.  Sometimes it's hard to verbalize things for us guys, this takes care of that for you.  Get yours now and surprise him.  He will love it guaranteed.

No matter if it's for "only essentials" or "I carry all my cards" type of guy. Leather just stretches obediently, and carries on.
With 4 fully separate card slots, it's capable of holding 8-18 cards + cash. Maybe even more, if taught to stretch properly.
Designs fit nicely in any pocket.

I use distressed top grain cowhide leather, of the best quality. It's solid, but very soft.
The distressed nature allows it to age beautifully, basically writing down the life story of it's owner.

You are in the maker's shop, not the engraver's one. Every wallet is cut and sewn from the very scratch. The edges are finished finely. Name is fire-branded.
You receive an object made with warmth and personal care, coming from a small studio, where people laugh, joke, and listen to the good music. Some totally different energy than mass produced, hastily engraved wallets.

The wallet is Embossed - a way more classy than cheap laser engraving.

US: less than (6 business days) since the day of your order. Please let me know if you've got a specific deadline, or are in a sort of rush, I'll do my best to meet it, if possible.

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(Printed, Made, And Shipped From The USA)


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